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About Teliad

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Teliad is the marketplace that makes the purchase and sale of text links simple. Text link advertising with direct HTML links is an effective form of online advertising that is becoming more and more popular. The text links take the form of text advertisements containing descriptive information and are predominantly placed in the editorial environment of a website. Especially our innovative products, Content-Links and InLinks, methodically target the valuable content area of a webpage, since text links in the content are classified as more important for search engine relevance.

Text link advertisements specifically increase the number of visitors to a website and at the same time raise the relevance for search engines: The only form of online advertising that can do both. As opposed with forms of advertising, such as sponsored links, with static links you benefit in complete independence of click rates or page views.

Success is measurable

Text link buyers can choose from more than 75,000 text link places on 15,000 URLs and 7,000 domains offered in our marketplace. The text link offers are subdivided in a catalogue into over 35 different categories, such as shopping, travel, health or finance. The marketplace is internationally successful: teliad can now be reached in 5 languages. Text links in many different languages are offered in the international marketplace.

We are the leading German marketplace for text links. For good reason: we make it easy for you to earn money with text links.